OWW Signature Weight Loss Program

Since the day we first opened our Athens, Georgia facility, we’ve been hyper-focused on helping our patients succeed. Aiming for safe and effective weight loss that results in optimal and long-lasting health and personal fitness, we’ve created an all-encompassing program that works. We never offer a cookie-cutter approach or a one-size-fits-all type of program as we understand, better than anyone, that weight loss is a highly personal and intimate endeavor and requires customization because of a number of mitigating factors.

OWW Monthly Signature Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • A detailed health screening and goals assessment

  • Full-scale lab work including cholesterol levels, diabetes screening and chem panel

  • Prescription appetite suppressants (30-day supply)

  • Weekly, B12 injections

  • Weekly, in-office weigh-ins

  • Fitness and nutrition guidance and counseling

  • Routine health checks and reviews

Optional, a la carte products and services include:

  • Lab testing (for both patients and non-patients, no doctor’s request needed)

  • High-quality protein products

  • Lipovite injections (boosts the metabolism)

  • Botox® injections

  • Testosterone therapy

  • Strawberry laser lipo

  • Vitamin D injections

  • Sermorelin (injectable health supplement)

  • InBody Test (Scale)

Find out more about our comprehensive wellness programs and if they’re right for you by contacting us now. We’ll schedule a full health assessment and screening at your convenience and get you started on your journey to wellness.