Overseen and Managed by Alison S. Peterson, APRN-BC

Built on the belief that great health should be accessible to all, Oconee Weight and Wellness offers a host of health and beauty services that are proven to have helped thousands achieve their goals. With no hidden fees, no contracts, and no long-term commitments, our team of weight loss and nutrition experts make it easy and affordable for you to stay on track.

Our all-encompassing programs mean you have a consistent source of support and education along every step of your journey toward your best self. Personalized to you and your specific needs, our programs and services are safe, sensible, and affordable.

The OWW Signature Program

Since the day we first opened our Athens, Georgia facility, we’ve been hyper-focused on helping our patients succeed. Aiming for safe and effective weight loss that results in optimal and long-lasting health and personal fitness, we’ve created an all-encompassing program that works. We never offer a cookie-cutter approach or a one-size-fits-all type of program as we understand, better than anyone, that weight loss is a highly personal and intimate endeavor and requires customization because of a number of mitigating factors. FIND OUT MORE


Working in conjunction with a personalized nutritional plan and exercise regimen, supplemental injections have been proven to dramatically boost the effects of a smart and sensible weight loss effort. Providing only those supplements that have proven to be both healthy and effective, we confidently stand behind the injectable vitamins and supplements we offer. Boosting the metabolism, protecting cardiovascular health, improving digestion, and increasing energy while decreasing the appetite, the benefits of augmenting your weight loss plan are practically endless. FIND OUT MORE


Botox has helped millions around the globe turn back the hands of time and enjoy the glow of youthful skin once again. Using the proven techniques approved by the manufacturer, Allergan, we help many of our patients enjoy the revitalization of their healthy and beautiful skin.

Botox, reduce wrinkles and eliminate fine lines. Quick, virtually painless, and immediately effective, Botox injections require no downtime or recovery period; patients can immediately resume their daily activities and the procedure can be completed in our office. Botox has helped millions feel confident in their skin. FIND OUT MORE

Strawberry Laser

Offering patients a revolutionary advancement in non-invasive liposuction, the Strawberry laser has a proven track record of dramatic fat loss in just one 10-20 minute session. Drawing out and “melting” fatty tissue, water, and waste from fat cells, the laser lipo tool has been shown to quickly reduce fat deposits, causing the average person to see approximately 3.7” lost in just a single treatment area. Of course, results depend on a number of personal factors such as a patient’s starting weight and health, the targeted area, and the overall goal. However, Strawberry Laser lipo does offer a pain-free alternative to other fat-reducing methods and invasive surgery. FIND OUT MORE

Lab Testing

As a new member of Oconee Weight and Wellness, your initial personal health assessment includes basic lab work and blood screen. The testing gives us a foundation from which to work, allowing us to safely and effectively assist you in your weight loss and wellness goals. With your health as our number one concern, our team uses these results to customize a plan specifically for your unique needs and objectives. FIND OUT MORE