Working in conjunction with a personalized nutritional plan and exercise regimen, supplemental injections have been proven to dramatically boost the effects of a smart and sensible weight loss effort. Providing only those supplements that have proven to be both healthy and effective, we confidently stand behind the injectable vitamins and supplements we offer. Boosting the metabolism, protecting cardiovascular health, improving digestion, and increasing energy while decreasing the appetite, the benefits of augmenting your weight loss plan are practically endless.

Offered either within our custom weight loss plans or as a la carte options, our range of injections includes:

  • Lipovite — used to dissolve fat deposits in areas unaffected by exercise, including the stomach, inner thighs, neck, buttocks and hips.

  • Vitamin B12 — helping you shed unwanted pounds, B12 shots boost energy levels and metabolism.

  • Vitamin D — signaling your fat cells to stop storing excess fat, vitamin D keeps hormone levels in check, protects bone mass, and boosts the function of the immune system.

  • Testosterone — playing a major role in the development and protection of muscle and bone mass, sex drive, heart health, and cognitive ability, robust testosterone ensures optimal health.

  • Sermorelin — increasing strength, energy, and endurance, injections of Sermorelin quickly aid in effective weight loss.

To find out if any or a combination of these supplemental injections are right for you, contact the Oconee Weight and Wellness team now.